I work from my studio near the Thames estuary often beginning the work out in the location. The environments of estuaries, rivers and the low lying wetlands of Britain and the landscape of France are my constant sources of inspiration. Over the years I have developed a deep awareness and intense relationship to these types of landscapes. My work is often about places that I have explored  over a long period of time. Some of these places are related to my childhood memories and therefore are imbued with a deep sense of time. This produces work that is full of personal responses.


My painting methods frequently use textural materials from these areas which are embedded into the paint creating an interesting surface to the work. I apply colour using a wide variety of techniques to capture the flickering light and atmosphere of these locations.

The paintings are about the ever changing qualities of light and the sounds and feelings of existing in these landscapes .


My work has been featured in  a number of National Art magazines and I have received a variety of awards and critical success.


My work is collected by a large number of people in the UK and abroad.



UK, France,Italy,Canada,USA,Australia and Oman.



The Buckenham Galleries  Suffolk                                 St Martins Gallery London                                              Deban Gallery Suffolk            

The Appleyard Gallery  Norfolk                                         Raw Canvas London                                                      Leigh Art Trail                        

Back2thewall Gallery  Essex                                            Artsquare London                                                            Atelier Gallery Essex    

The Art Cafe  Essex                                                           The Sunflower gallery Bucks                                          Beecroft gallery Essex

The A2 Gallery  Somerset                                                The Knapp Gallery London                                             Maldon Arts Centre Essex

Joanna Jones Gallery  Leistershire                               Artclimbers gallery Essex                                               Towngate Gallery  Essex                                    

The Arnafarrington Gallery Essex                                   Bettie Morton Gallery London                                         Paris Gallery Essex

The Art Cafe  Essex                                                           Halesworth Gallery Suffolk                                             Gallery 3 Essex







The landscape has always been the catalyst for my work